Welcome. Please note our name will change in the next few weeks to The Law Office of Philip Moffitt, P.A. Our service to our clients will not be affected. Thank you.

                              We are a law firm in Jacksonville, Florida dedicated to the client.                                     Your Problems. Our Solutions.

Affordable Jacksonville Attorneys

We offer affordable flat rate fees for many of our services. By hiring an affordable Jacksonville flat rate attorney, clients know what they are paying ahead of time. It allows us to skip negotiating prices, skip keeping track of every minute we spend on a case, and allows us to get right to work.  Our clients deserve to know how much a case costs ahead of time.

Too often, the complaint is made that an individual’s attorney did not sufficiently involve
them in the representation process—didn’t return emails or phone calls, didn’t provide
consistent updates, and generally didn’t inform the individual of the progress of the case.

Fortunately for you, we are different.

Here at Moffitt & Baker, we know that our clients are real people whose needs, questions,
and concerns are important. And we know that client involvement brings better, quicker
solutions. Accordingly, we are committed to doing the following:

Returning your phone calls
Responding to your emails
Caring about your preferences
Listening to your concerns
Keeping you informed about your case
Working diligently to protect your rights
Welcoming your input

We have reasonable, affordable rates and initial consultations are free! Please review our website and contact us today to see how Moffitt & Baker, P.A. can help you.