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Red Light Camera Tickets in Jacksonville, Florida

Red Light Camera Tickets in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has ended the Red Light Camera Program. Tickets issued for offenses before 2018 are still valid and must be paid or your license will be suspended. Please read this page before calling us. Most of these tickets we do not handle. Florida Red Light camera Tickets are becoming increasing popular throughout the state of Florida. This page is provided to help understand what these tickets are and the consequences behind these tickets. There is a lot of controversy behind Florida Red Light Camera Tickets however,  the statute is constitutional and they are valid in most parts of the state.

Purpose of Florida Red Light Camera Tickets.

Florida Red Light Cameras are being set up across the state to help reduce accidents at busy intersections and of course to make money. The tickets are set up under the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program F.S. 316.0083. The cameras are set up to induce drivers to stop instead of running a red light into oncoming traffic. Interestingly, there are numerous studies that show red light cameras have increased rear end collisions. Most likely, drivers are slamming on their brakes to avoid a ticket and causing the car behind them to hit them. This is arguably better than a car running into oncoming traffic, but still we end up with collisions.

The money making part of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program is quite lucrative. The entire amount of fines collected for red light camera tickets do not go to the city or county. Proceeds go to the state, emergency medical services, and the municipality in which the violation occurred. The companies that own the cameras do not make money off the fine, but they are compensated by the municipality.

What is a Red Light Camera Ticket

Many people are confused about red light camera tickets in Florida. There are two versions of red light camera tickets in Florida. One is not an actual ticket and the other is an actual traffic ticket (uniform traffic citation). An easy way to distinguish red light camera tickets in Jacksonville, Florida is by the fine amount.

$158 Notice of Violation

If the letter received has a fine amount of $158, this is a notice of violation. A notice of violation is not a traffic ticket. It does not go on your driving record and there are no points. It is simply asking for you to pay the $158 within the allotted time period and nothing else happens. The notice of violation is the first letter sent out when an “officer” determines the driver of the vehicle ran the red light. The notice of violation is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. You may pay the fine, request a hearing, or file an affidavit for an exemption to the violation such as swearing under oath that another person was in control of the vehicle at the time. If you file an affidavit swearing that another person was in control of the vehicle at the time, you must include the other person’s contact information and that person will be issued a notice of violation.

Each Notice of Violation will have login information for you to view the alleged violation. It is important to login and view all the pictures and video to determine if a violation occurred.  If the vehicle ran the red light (the light was red before the vehicle reached the white stop line) and there is no valid excuse, it is usually best to pay the notice of violation and being done with everything. An example of a valid excuse would be moving out the way for an emergency vehicle.

In most circumstances, paying the notice of violation is better than waiting for the actual red light camera ticket.

Please note, we do not represent clients with notice of violations because these are not traffic tickets and are not handled in a typical courtroom.

$262 Traffic Ticket

If a notice of violation was not paid within the 60 day period, a traffic citation will be issued by certified mail to the registered owner of the vehicle. This traffic ticket will end up on your driving record unless it is dismissed, however there are no points assessed. The fine amount is now $262. Under the red light camera ticket you can pay it, elect a hearing, or file an affidavit. Paying the red light camera ticket will result in a conviction on your driving record.

We do help clients with red light camera tickets. If you are looking to avoid a conviction on your record or to contest the ticket, please give us a call so we can help you.

If you received a red light camera ticket in South Florida, please contact a local Traffic Ticket Attorney to help you with the citation. Some counties in South Florida are dismissing these citations due to recent court rulings. Duval is not dismissing red light camera tickets under these court rulings.