How can I hire you?

Hiring us is easy. All you have to do is call us or email us. We can send you the paperwork to fill out and send back to us with a check so there is no need to stop be the office. We also accept credit cards over the phone. We accept payments over the internet for civil traffic tickets in certain counties.

How much does it cost to hire you?

For non-criminal traffic infractions we charge only $70. And our price includes multiple ticketsfor the same incident! This does not include any court costs or fines which may be additional. Also we advise you whether a trial would be a good option for your case and let you decide ifyou want to take the case to trial. A trial fee would apply but we will never charge you for a trial without your approval ahead of time.

Can you guarantee my case will be dismissed?
Unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees about the outcome of your case. Each case is different and a number of factors go into the court’s decision. We will always fight to have your ticket dismissed if there are any grounds for dismissal and provide you with an attorney who is not just there to enter a plea on your behalf.

Do I need to wear shoes while driving a car?

No you do not need to wear shoes while driving a car. You should wear something that allows you to easily maneuver your feet free from obstruction of the pedals. And always make sure nothing is on the floor that could get stuck on one of the pedals.

Can I get a DUI on a bicycle?

Yes, here in Florida a bicycle is considered a vehicle. Riding a bicycle while intoxicated creates a danger to yourself and others on the road. Don’t do it! But your driver’s license should not be suspended automatically because you never consented to submit to a blood alcohol test to ride a bicycle.

Can I fight a red light camera ticket?

Yes, red light cameras do not work 100% of the time. Upon request you can review the evidence against you. You can challenge the ticket on many grounds such as yielding to emergency vehicles or funeral processions, someone else was driving your vehicle at the time, a police officer issued a ticket for the same offense, or the owner of the vehicle was deceased at the time of the offense.

If you are concerned about facing points on your license or a possible suspension contact us today. We offer affordable flat rates for traffic violations, and in most cases you don’t even need to show up in court.

Initial consultations are free so please contact us today!