Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys

When faced with a criminal charge, do not fight it alone! Hire a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney to fight for you. At The Law Office of Philip Moffitt, P.A. we represent clients charged with criminal traffic tickets and misdemeanors. The consequences of being convicted of a misdemeanor are significant. Imprisonment and fines may be just the beginning, a misdemeanor may have collateral consequences that you may not realize until years later. A conviction could prevent you from employment opportunities or suspend your driving privileges. Know your rights before you plea!

We strive to be different at The Law Office of Philip Moffitt, P.A.. We offer:

  • Free consultations
  • The ability to talk directly to the attorney handling your case
  •  Affordable Fees
  • Flat Rate Defense

Free Consultations 

Feel free to schedule an appointment at our office. We will gladly speak with you about your case, and we wont charge you a penny. We want our clients to be informed before hiring us. Please come prepared to ask us about our services and how we can help you.

Talk To The Attorney Handling Your Case 

At The Law Office of Philip Moffitt, P.A. we operate on a personal level. You will get to speak with the attorney handling your case and not a paralegal or secretary. This helps keep our costs low and keeps us connected with our clients. Information can get lost in a middleman, here we skip that step. Tell your attorney directly what is going on!

Affordable Fees 

We set our fees at an affordable rate because everyone deserves access to legal representation. Currently there a a gap in our legal system that allows many defendants to slip through without legal representation. Many people are stuck in an area where they make too much to receive a public defender but make too little to spend a few thousand dollars on an attorney. We are here to fill that gap and provide legal services for those left behind in our legal system. If you can’t get a public defender or the court won’t assign a public defender for the charge give us a call so we can help you.

Flat Rate Criminal Defense

Most of the time, we can offer clients a flat fee for our services. A flat fee Jacksonville criminal defense attorney is a great way for clients to know what they are paying ahead of time. Our clients do not have to worry about getting billed each month and we do not have to worry about keeping track of every minute spent on a particular case. Instead, let us get to work defending you.

Most misdemeanors are handled for a flat fee of $600 -$900.

You have rights. Do not let them slip away! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.

  • You are innocent until proven guilty!
  • Protect your rights
  • Don’t delay, Call today

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