Money Back Guarantee for Traffic Tickets

For most civil infractions, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Not all traffic tickets or individuals will be able to utilize our money back guarantee. However, we offer representation for all traffic tickets regardless of whether or not our money back guarantee applies. If our money back guarantee does not apply, call us today so we can begin fighting for you! In most cases, even if our money back guarantee does not apply, we can avoid points, convictions, and court appearances.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

  • No Court Appearance                             

  • No Points                                                

  • No Conviction                             

  • Or Your Money Back

Our money back guarantee applies to:

  1. Individuals with a class E license,
  2. Civil traffic tickets,
  3. Non-mandatory court appearance traffic tickets and also speeding tickets cited at less than 90 miles per hour, AND
  4. Individuals who have not received a moving violation or criminal traffic violation within the last year, regardless of the outcome.

Our money back guarantee does not apply to:

  1. Individuals with CDLs,
  2. Criminal traffic violations,
  3. Mandatory appearance traffic tickets,
  4. Individuals who have received any moving violations or criminal traffic violations within the last year, regardless of the outcome,
  5. Crashes without proof that insurance is covering any damage to the property or person of others, and
  6. Individuals who request a trial.

If our money back guarantee applies and after hiring us you receive points, are convicted, or are ordered to appear in court, we will refund our attorney fees. Costs are not included in the refund. Costs include our expenses such as ordering crash reports and court costs.

 Whether or not our guarantee applies, you may Hire a Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Attorney online in just ten minutes for civil traffic tickets. 

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