St Augustine Courthouse

St. Augustine Traffic Ticket Attorney

St. Augustine Traffic Ticket Attorney

We proudly serve St. Augustine and St. Johns county in fighting traffic tickets. Whether you were issued a speeding ticket in St. Augustine or a careless driving ticket in Hastings we can help you. We strive to be the most convenient law firm when it comes to traffic tickets in North East Florida. Not only can you hire us online, over the phone, or in the office, but you speak directly to a St. Augustine Traffic Ticket Attorney. 

Traffic Tickets in St. Johns County

Traffic tickets in St. Johns County are handled at the St. Augustine courthouse. At the hearing, the officer will usually be present. This is a great opportunity for us to speak with the officer and find out what they know. We can examine the officers documents to look for any deficiencies and if we need to, have a trial on the ticket that same day.

For information on St. Johns Tickets without using a St. Augustine Traffic Ticket attorney visit the Clerk of Court.

Hire a St. Augustine Traffic Ticket Attorney

Hiring a St. Augustine Traffic Ticket Attorney fast and easy. We handle most civil tickets for a flat fee of $70 and we can be hired online in just five minutes. You may also call our office to speak directly to a traffic ticket attorney or schedule an appointment for a free consultation. 

Do not admit guilt

Do not get points

Do not waste time in court

Most tickets qualify for our money back guarantee* restrictions apply, see agreement for details.